The character qualities of being true, kind and enduring that can be felt and expressed when skateboarding can be seen as aspects of the primary universal values of truthfulness, compassion and forbearance, the threefold principles of life according to the ancient self-cultivation way of Falun Dafa, which is rooted in buddhist tradition. In the logo above these values are displayed by the three chinese characters in red, which read as Zhen, Shan, Ren. The meaning of the black characters is Skateboarding (Huaban).

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Here you will find links to resources representing the spirit of skateboarding for truth, kindness, endurance and the online presence of a skateboarder that practices Falun Dafa.

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Skating true and enduring:
Skateboarder Mark Wu about his realization of clearing the mind through skateboarding

Mark Wu, Distance Skateboarder from TaiwanMark Wu - Sakteboarder from Taiwan

"I have been asked frequently why I looked a 50 while I`m actually over 70 yo.

If there is any secret I will say  it's mental health. 

As a human being we all live in an environment that is very  complicated,  everyone must face all kind of problems no matter you are adults or youngster , rich or poor.


The fact is you can't really relax your mind in life, even if you have money and time to take a vacation.


I was an aggressive athlete for most of my life,  when I was young I went outdoors every weekend,  I carried diving equipment in the van, towed a stand style Kawasaki 450 jet ski in the back and put windsurfing equipment on roof of the van.


I drove to the seashore doing day exercise and diving at night, I slept in the van when I got tired.

I never think about anything, about the problems of anything in all the weekend.


Now I'm old and not able to do the things I did until I started to skate a year ago, when I can pump the surfskateboard with a big swing I felt the pleasure of windsurfing back again.  I go skating everyday and only think about how to improve my skill.


Cleaning my mind brings me the total relaxation, that`s maybe the reason why I stayed young over time."


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